It’s healthy to take time to yourself to calm down. I keep a list of a few topics that get me in that zone, helping me quickly switch from the intense work grind to relaxing or getting ready for sleep.

I call this my Arsenal of Calm. 😌

Here are some of the search terms that I plug into YouTube when selecting relaxation videos. I encourage you to assemble an arsenal of your own.

Woodworking 🛠

The steady motions and earthy noises that go into woodworking are quite soothing. And you might even learn a new craft while doing it!

Massage 👐

I’ve been watching instructional massage videos for a few years now. Not only is it perfect backdrop for chillaxing, but you can pick up interesting tips to try out yourself with self-massage.

Butchery 🍖

This might surprise you… But I swear, the smooth strokes of a skilled knife are absolutely hypnotizing.

Glass Blowing 🔥

Another artsy trade on the list! Watching gooey hot silicon magic is the best.

A few tips for building your arsenal.

  • Try to select long videos. Finding the next video to watch actually causes stress, so I’m looking for 8+ minute clips. Or make a playlist!
  • A lot of these interests originated from exploring the r/ArtisanVideos subreddit. There’s some calming gold in there — check it out!
  • Music always helps, too! I’ve got my go-to “Calm Down” Spotify playlist.
  • Don’t tell your friends about your strange calming habits. They will tease you. Definitely don’t write a Medium post about it. They’ll see it.