For my Individual Studies major in Product Design & Engineering, I was required to create a capstone project. I called mine “Design For All.” What follows is some of the writing and visuals I made to communicate my capstone research.

Learning product design principles from different backgrounds

My major investigates how to create innovative products to solve human needs while also fostering the ability to build them. I am shifting from physical product design in my studies to digital design in my career. This project investigates how best to introduce universal product design concepts to people in tangential fields.

I led a series of design workshops targeted at people of different communities and diverse backgrounds. Then, I interviewed participants to understand how they learned new design principles.

  • Thinking Like A Designer @ Pearl Hacks
  • Designing With Grids @ Terrapin Hackers
  • Preparing For Design Interviews @ Bitcamp
  • Architecture x Design @ School of Architecture
  • Mobile UI / UX Design @ AIGA UMD